Monday, August 12, 2013

How to Build a Wood Shed

If you're in need of a place to store your outdoor equipment a wood shed may be just what you need. You can of course have someone come in and build a shed for you. If you are up for a project learning how to build one on your own can be less expensive and more rewarding.

The first thing that you need to do to is make sure that you have a detailed plan. When learning how to build a shed everything should be laid out in advanced. Having a good plan will insure that your shed is built properly. A well built shed can last a good 30-40 years. If you don't have a good plan that insures proper assembly it could fall apart within months.

Woods sheds are such a popular choice because you can choose how to build a shed to match your home or any other structure. Besides choosing the right look of your shed you will also have to decide on the size you will need it to be. Too often after the structure is built people realize that it isn't large enough to accommodate everything it was built to hold.

The best way to build a shed and make sure that you have enough space is to lay out everything that you plan to store in the shed on your lawn where you plan place the structure. Make sure that you give yourself ample room. Then measure around the area to get a rough estimate of how much room you need.
After you have come to a decision on the style and size of the shed you will need to decide what type of wood is best for your needs. This is important, and how to build a shed that lasts a long time. Research the best wood type for your area and don't cut cost too much.

When looking how to build a shed that is going to last it is important to use a strong water resistant wood for the floor. When installing the wood posts make sure to use wood that is rated for burial: doing so will help prevent rot. You should then reinforce your ground posts with pressure treated wood. To finish up the floor, use a pressure treated plywood which will help your shed last for many years.

This then leaves you to put up the rest of the shed. There isn't any need to use the pressure treated woods for the rest of the construction although if there isn't much of a price difference you might want to spring for the extra protection. This will help in the off chance that water seeps through the cracks.

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